Transportation & Drainage Operations

Veronica O. Davis, P.E., Director

Transportation & Drainage Operations is a service line of Houston Public Works and manages streets, bridges, and stormwater drainage infrastructure.

By the Numbers

1,000 employees
15,000 miles of streets
1M+ traffic signs
2,500 traffic signals
1,370 bridges
19,000 under-bridge lights
4,490 miles of sidewalks
1,450 school zone flashers
3,900 miles of stormwater lines
250,000 manholes & stormwater inlets
2,800 miles of roadside ditches


Customer Service – assists in requests from pedestrians, bicyclists, motorists & passengers, including signs down or signals not working. Contact: 311 or

Houston TranStar - unites the City of Houston, Harris County, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County and the Texas Department of Transportation to keep motorists informed, roadways clear and lives safe. Visit TranStar for travel times and real-time updates on traffic. Contact: 713.881.3000 (admin) or 713.881.3044 (public information office).

Project Delivery – manages planning, designing, and constructing of capital improvement and grant funded projects. Coordinates intelligent transportation systems, traffic signals, intersection safety, council district service funds, sidewalks, bikeways, street rehabilitation, and interagency coordination.

Stormwater Maintenance – oversees storm drainage system infrastructure including maintenance and rehabilitation projects. Manages Houston’s stormwater system, roadside & off-roadside ditches, detention basins and stormwater pump stations.

Street & Bridge Maintenance – manages street repairs including potholes, base failures, and concrete buckles. Oversees street sweeping, right-of-way mowing, and debris removal. Conducts preventative maintenance and rehabilitation programs for streets & bridges.

Traffic Operations - oversees traffic signals, school zone flashers, traffic signs, freeway lights, under-bridge lights, and pavement markings.

Traffic Management - performs engineering studies, plan reviews, & field investigations on traffic safety, traffic counts, street lights, school zones, speed cushions, railroad safety & quiet zones, view obstructions, neighborhood cut-through traffic, and capital improvement plan projects. Manages street and lane closure permits, develops general speed & school zone ordinances.

Infrastructure Planning - leads engineering studies to review alternative infrastructure improvements and develop appropriate project recommendations. Works with partner agencies including Harris County, the Harris County Flood Control District, Houston METRO and TxDOT for unified, coordinated project development throughout the city.